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Nieuwe details Grand Theft Auto V
Een Pools blad genaamd ‘PSX Extreme’ heeft vandaag een preview gepubliceerd met enkele nieuwe details over GTA V. De details waarmee ze kwamen vind je hier in een rijtje opgesomd. Op 17 september is het eindelijk zover. Dan zal Grand Theft Auto V in de winkels liggen voor PlayStation 3 en Xbox 360. GTA V ligt op 17 september in de winkels voor PS3 en Xbox 360.

- Parachute jump takes 3 mins.
- Dune buggy standing near the road.
- Fishermen on the river.
- Deers were drinking water from the stream on the other side.
- 3D radar.
- Sharks will be marked on the radar.
- Character from Republican Space Rangers (TV Series on Weazel in GTA IV) was seen in Vinewood. Michael took a photo of him and posted it on some social networking site.
- Enterable tattoo studio.
- When Trevor is pissed, he is much stronger.
- Every character has an unique walking style.
- Our mercenaries are more experienced after each heist.
- Gun wheel from Red Dead Redemption and shooting style from Max Payne 3.
- Money from heists could be spend on businesses, for example arms trade on the coast.
- Hitchhikers carpooling as a side mission.

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